Washington DC Immigration Lawyer & Deportation Attorney

There are literally millions of individuals throughout the world who share a common desire and a dream for their future – immigrating to the U.S. where they can reside and work legally. If you have already immigrated into the United States, then you know how difficult the entire process can be. The process of acquiring a visa is oftentimes very difficult for many individuals to understand. It pays to have a skilled, immigration legal team on your side. In this case, it is very beneficial to have Braverman and Lin as your immigration lawyers in DC.

About Our Firm

Located in Arlington, VA, Braverman and Lin have over a half century of combined experience providing legal services to government agencies, individuals, multi-national corporations, non-profit organizations, and universities. We know how complex and confusing that these types of legal processes can be. That is why our firm provides all immigration clients with the assurance, confidence, and peace of mind about how their cases are being handled.

When clients first approach us, they immediately know why we are the right immigration attorney in DC for them. They will be hiring a legal team that understands what their specific immigration needs are. Our firm has years of combined experience in issues such as:

  • Consular Processing/Waivers
  • Employment-based petitions
  • Family-based petitions
  • Federal litigation
  • Investment visas
  • Non-immigration visas
  • Removal defense
  • U.S. Citizenship / Naturalization

Along with immigration law we also have experience, and offer services for, business and family law clients as well. Regardless of whether you are a foreign national or an immigrant, you want your rights protected. That is why you deserve the expertise and experience of the best immigration lawyer in DC.

Braverman and Lin serve businesses as well as individuals in immigrant legal matters. We providing consultation and representation before various governmental agencies such as:

  • Department of Labor
  • Executive Office of Immigration Review
  • State Department: US Embassies and Consulate Generals
  • USCIS (formerly INS) and various agencies within Department of Homeland Security
  • other related agencies of the U.S. Government

Our Services

As immigration lawyers in Washington DC for many years, we are dedicated to representing people; not just work for pay. Most importantly, we are proud of our reputation for compassionate, efficient, and successful advocacy. We also pride ourselves on serving a broad client base.

When we are providing legal advice and representation regarding US Immigration Law to our clients, we are serving businesses and individuals such as:

  • Professionals and General Workers
  • Scientists, Professors, and Multinational Executives
  • Exchange Visitors
  • Foreign Students
  • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Domestic or foreign businesses who want to transfer employees to the U.S.
  • Family members of immigrants who have received their U.S. Citizenship
  • Religious workers

Category of Visa Applications

As an immigration attorney in Washington DC, we are a full-service legal firm that provides advice and representation for immigration and visa cases. We offer the most comprehensive line of immigration law services including:

  • Citizenship for individuals who gained or received citizenship from one of their parents
  • Family-based green cards and visas for those individuals who have a family member that qualifies as a legal immigrant or citizen of the United States
  • K-visas for the fiancé(e) or spouse of a U.S. citizen
  • Naturalization for permanent, legal residents of the U.S. who want to become citizens

In addition to helping you with all your immigration and permanent residency, for you and your family, we assist and represent our clients in deportation cases. We ensure that whether you need assistance with documentation, or in a trial to gain a foothold in the country, we are there to help you get justice.

We also provide the removal of residence conditions as well as the renewal and replacement of immigration documents. So if you are searching for top-rated immigration lawyers in DC, the firm at the Michael W. Lin, PC is here to assist you with all your immigration and visa needs.

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