What Our Clients Are Saying

“Michael went above and beyond”

Wonderful Outcome

Michael Lin and his team are excellent. If anyone is looking for an immigration lawyer, please give Michael a call because he is highly recommended. My husband got detained during his immigration interview due to an exclusion order. His case was complicated. It was an experience that I will never forget. It was very frustrating for me and my children. He was detained for two months.
Michael went above and beyond in assisting my family. He never gave up on my husband’s case. The whole staff were always very accommodating and understanding of my situation and responded as quickly as possible. When immigration requested for more evidence, Michael and his staff made sure everything was submitted on time and within less than two weeks we had good news. My husband was not only free but he was also getting his green card.
Michael, I want you to know how much I appreciate your legal help and how much you have changed my husband’s life. It took my husband 22 years to solve his immigration problems. He has been to several lawyers and no one could help him but you were able to help him. I will forever remember your help. Now my husband can live a life without fear.
On behalf of my family, I want to say a big thank you to you and your team for your professionalism and a job well done. I will surely recommend you to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer in a heart beat.


“They listened patiently to our questions and answered them all….”

Highly Recommend!

We retained Michael Lin and his team, an Immigration Attorney at Braverman & Lin, to put together and file an E2 visa application for an employee who we planned to hire. Michael quoted us a reasonable flat fee for this service, and he and his team delivered great service for that fee. They compiled all of the information quickly and filed the E2 visa application as quickly as possible. They listened patiently to our questions and answered them all in a very professional manner. They responded to emails at all hours, and they worked hard to ensure that the visa was granted as quickly as possible. They communicated with us at every step of the process to ensure that we always knew the status of the application. I highly recommend Michael Lin and B&L team. I will use them again for future immigration law needs.


“Mr. Lin is very compassionate and a pleasure to work with.”

Outstanding Lawyer

Mr. Lin provided outstanding service to me for my immigration case. The case was challenging and very intricate in nature. He spent the time with me going reviewing my case and providing me with excellent counsel. He brought in experts, where needed, to ensure all of the possibilities were covered. He and his staff were very thorough in the completion and accuracy of all paperwork. He kept me informed every step of the way. He ensured I understood all the actions he was taking and obtained my permission to do so. Mr. Lin was very responsive to my phone calls and inquiries when I had questions. Mr. Lin is very compassionate and a pleasure to work with. He and his staff exuded nothing but professionalism and caring when working with me on my case. I can proudly say that I am an American citizen today because of the great work done by Mr. Lin and his staff. I would highly recommend him to my friends or anyone needing his services. He is wonderful and a lawyer I can fully trust.

“We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for us.”

Michael was absolutely amazing with my husband and I throughout the entire application process. On our first visit to his office, he reviewed our documentation and just guided us 100%. Whenever we had questions or concerns, Michael and his staff were always available to answer questions at all times. When the time came to submit our paperwork, it was sumitted quickly and we received notices from both USCIS as well as Michael’s office, kept us posted the entire time. They pretty much walked us through the entire process, answered all of our questions, and allowed us to feel at ease during this time. When it was time for our interview, Michael called us into his office to get us ready, give us some brief examples of how it would go so we would feel more comfortable. I was recently approved to become a permanent resident and since we are moving locations, I was afraid that my card would get lost in the process. Luckily, Michael changed my new address right away and received my card in the mail last night :)! Thanks to Michael and his staff, the application process went smoothly and glad to have had the opportunity to work with a group of people who truly care about their clients. We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for us. Thank you Michael!

“The experience with Michael has been nothing short of wonderful.”

Michael Lin and his team are fantastic to work with. I had been dealing with a complicated AOS issue and had already been denied when I found out about Michael on the web from previous cases he had successfully defended. I have to admit after my trials with other attorneys I was not too keen about spending money again. But the experience with Michael has been nothing short of wonderful. He will get to the point, will take time to research the issue and find convenient approaches to dealing with them. This requires time, but the results have been as far as I am concerned astounding. I have had the immigration officer compliment him during the interview for the memo he had prepared supporting my case. Through his hard work, my case was approved in four months whereas the prior attempts at adjusting my status had completely failed over the 15 prior months. Michael and his team prepared an I-485 filing in under a month and an emergency I-601 within three weeks. Sufficient to say, my case was approved within a week of the 601 being submitted.

I would strongly advise whoever is looking for an immigration attorney to give Michael and his team a call. He is always available and will deal with the issues with a unique brand of knowledge and practicality.

In this section you will find comments made by our clients who have kindly shared with us of their experience with the firm during the course of our representation. The contents of their opinions remain largely unchanged, except they have been edited to remove any personally identifiable information to protect their privacy.

“My experience with them left me with a great admiration for their expertise, efficiency and personal empathy.”

Letter of Recommendation

I am a Romanian citizen who is married an American citizen. We married on the spur of the moment and I appealed to Mr. Michael W. Lin, at Braverman & Lin, to support the procedures for me to receive a greencard.
I am absolutely grateful for the impeccable way in which the whole process took place: the professionalism in following the necessary steps, as well as the warm personal attitude; the focus on every detail, the careful consideration of the best approach to every aspect involved.
The considerable paperwork was taken care of by the firm and there was no delay in any of the steps all along.
The preparation for the interview, more precisely the advice about what elements to highlight and document in the discussion with the immigration authorities, proved to be extremely useful and to the point. Nothing more was needed or required than we had been told by Mr. Michael W.Lin. That is why everything happened as ideally expected, and thus I had the greencard in my hand in less than four months after the application. That timing was the more important for me as I had to travel professionally about a months after that, a trip which would have been impossible without my greencard.
I am specifically grateful to Michael W. Lin and the Braverman & Lin assistant Janya Muakwan for this successful outcome. My experience with them left me with a great admiration for their expertise, efficiency and personal empathy.


RE: Honest Review

If your immigration case gets complicated, your worries are at peak and you can take one wrong decision that can ruin your immigration history. Honestly, you need a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney to avoid such situations.

When I talked to Mr. Lin, I was so stressed that I was ready to leave next day to my home country. He really educated me about my case and assured me what I was entitled to and also explained me the worst case outcome. He studied my case and evaluated it in detail and asked me “LEAVE YOUR WORRIES ON MY TABLE”.

Today, I am back in the US with 7th year extension in my H1B case. This really makes me think now that I was not alone and he actually did all for me and did it correctly. I appreciate his extra efforts that he put in presenting my case. He is an honest and truthful professional. I was completely comfortable discussing my case in text, email and over the phone with him. I liked his whole team and my employer was impressed with the documentation that we received during and at the end of the case from Mr. Lin’s office.

I strongly recommend him to all who seek solutions for their messed up immigration cases. If you want to initiate filing fresh cases, you will definitely see trouble free results at a reasonable cost. Those who seek the cheapest rates end up paying more to fix their cases. Mr. Lin realized this fact and offered huge discount in my case. I will go with him for the remaining part of my GC processing.

“Best Immigration Lawyer”

Michael and his teammates are very helpful and professional. He really treats his clients like his family and understands our feeling very well. He is also very knowledgeable of the laws and willing to take time to explain and analyze the case for us. He would personally handle the paperworks and prepare us for the hearing as needed. I was very desperate until I found him. Without his help, my husband would have been deported. Thank you for representing us and helping our family reunited. You are definitely one of the best immigration lawyers in the US.


“Brilliant Immigration Lawyer”

If you are reading the reviews posted here, you will notice that most of Michael’s clients describe him as: “knowledgeable”, “experienced”, “very professional”, “trustworthy”, “very helpful & thorough”, “extremely prompt”, “absolutely amazing”. It really is difficult to describe Michael without using such positive expressions. Michael handled my permanent residency application, as well as my complicated citizenship case earlier this year. Throughout the process Michel did not cease to amaze me with his exceptional attendance to my case, his quick and prompt responses to all my questions (even on the weekend), his extreme attention to detail, and most of all his impressive expertise in all immigration related matters. I cannot thank Michael enough for his amazing support! If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, please take my advice and look no more!