Introducing our
new website!

Michael W. Lin, Attorney

15 October 2018

BRAVLIN Law Firm is excited to
announce the launch of our new website!

Our website has finally had a makeover! Check out our beautiful new website. Working with the very talented designer Paolo Inzone of Inzone Design Studio, we’ve brought our site into 2018 with a more sophisticated and more contemporary look and feel. With a cleaner layout and an improved user-friendly design, it’s now easier to find the information you need – whether or not you are one of our much valued clients.

Paolo oversaw the development of the new site, as well as the creation of the new Bravlin logo. He knew both the logo and the website were in need of fresh and cleaner look. With his knack for design, Paolo was successfully able to create this for us, all in a visually-captivating way that perfectly reflects what Bravlin Law Firm is all about, a law firm that cares.

Have a look around, explore our new website, and let us know what you think!