As the premier immigration lawyer team located in Arlington VA, the law firm of BRAVLIN PC (“BRAVLIN LAW FIRM”) is very familiar with every aspect of immigration law as well as the processes involved with it. For those individuals who are unfamiliar with the legal process, we understand how complex and frustrating it can be. Whether it is for asylum purposes, becoming a US citizen, getting a green card, or work authorization, we have seen the joy on immigrant’s faces when we have achieved a successful outcome for them. Furthermore, we know how important it is for these individuals and their families to have an immigration lawyer that they can depend on and trust.

Services for Employers

As the preferred immigration attorney firm in Washington DC metro area, we help employers as well as individuals to ensure that your business is compliant in all areas of immigration law. We can develop I-9 compliance plans and help your employees obtain their temporary work visas. For example, there are a number of temporary visas that are available for employees today including the following:

  • E-1 for “treaty traders”
  • E-2 for “treaty investors”
  • H1B for professionals
  • L-1 for intracompany transfers
  • O-1 for “extraordinary abilities” in the arts, athletics, businesses, sciences, etc.
  • R-1 for religious or secular employees

As a full-service immigration law firm, BRAVLIN LAW FIRM can assist in other areas besides compliance and work visas.  We also provide “green card” or permanent resident card services as well.  This will allow the person to live here in the US on a permanent basis.

Services for Individuals

BRAVLIN LAW FIRM also provides representations for clients residing in throughout the United States, including those residing in Arlington VA.  Our attorneys may represent you at your Fairfax USCIS immigration interview.  We have extensive experience and expertise in the field of immigration law and working with individuals. Because of our excellent communication skills, our clients seldom have any difficulties contacting us when they have questions or are inquiring about the status of their case. Consequently, we are highly rated for our competence and professionalism as well as the level of care and service that we always provide.

During the initial consultation for your cases before Fairfax USCIS, we will analyze your particular case to identify any potential issues or problems that need to be resolved before continuing. We also believe in keeping our clients informed and updated regarding the benefits and risks involved. This will enable them to make well-informed decisions where their case is concerned so that they do not have to rely entirely on our judgment.

Our immigration attorney team has successfully represented individuals throughout the US.  Furthermore, we specialize in the following areas:

  • Deportation and removal defense
  • Immigrant visas
  • Intercountry adoption services
  • Naturalization
  • Non-immigrant visas
  • Traveling abroad

Unlike other legal firms that may only focus on one or two of these areas, BRAVLIN LAW FIRM we have the experience and expertise required to assist you with every aspect of immigration law. In addition to employers and individuals, we represent corporate clients, governmental entities, and institutions of higher learning in permanent and temporary employment visas (see above).

Benefits of Hiring the right Immigration Lawyer

Hiring the right immigration lawyer could make a difference between staying in the United States or getting deported. Interpreting the many facets of immigration law requires the experience and expertise of a skilled attorney.  Unfortunately, many of them are not as experienced and well-versed as the legal team of BRAVLIN LAW FIRM.  We are dedicated to treating every client with honesty, integrity, and loyalty.  You don’t need to listen to what we have to say.  You can simply google us and you will find overwhelming positive reviews from our clients across various platforms.

If you would like more information regarding our legal firm and the immigration services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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